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Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Step 1

Create your Master Account!

Create an account and confirm it with a letter sent to your email.


Step 2

Download the Game!

Download the updater or a ready-made client and extract it to the folder where the game will be located.


Step 3

Start Playing!

After completing the full check, click "Start Game". You can also enter the game by running the L2.exe file from the system folder. Don't forget to read the rules of the project.

Step 4

Join our Discord!

There is no forum on our server everything you need is on our Discod!


Arteias Grand Opening:

Description of the Arteiasx1 server

Server Rates:

Experience (EXP) Amount - x1
Skills Points (SP) Amount - x1
Adena Chance - x1
Adena Amount - x7
Seal Stones Chance - x1
Seal Stones Amount - x5
Drop Chance - x5
Drop Amount - x1
Spoil Chance - x5
Spoil Amount - x1
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Chance - x3
Grand/Raid Bosses Drop Amount - x1